2 thoughts on “I Nominate Your Local Museum

  1. I like the idea and have passed it on. I realise that therein lies a problem – I have passed it on rather then taking up the challenge myself. The Ice Bucket thing was easy – someone else started it, all I had to do was get briefly wet and cold and donate to a worthy cause. Somehow it seems much harder to take the leap to applying the lessons of that in a new context. But you have sown a seed so we’ll see if anything grows!

  2. Coming up with a “challenge” is in itself the hardest part though. The idea behind the initiative I pitched to the science centre was that the “challenge” was simple. Anyone can turn their lights off and take a photo of it, and quick and easy to do. The problem I noticed with the make up or the ice bucket was that as they grew in popularity, there were instances where people were ignorant to the charity aspect and just assumed it was some enormous chain-letter “dare.” The benefit behind the lights off challenge is that the task in itself is the positive action, so it both raises awareness and creates positive change without the caveat of requiring additional actions such as donating. So even if people don’t realise it relates to the science centre exhibition, it remains a worthwhile endeavour in its own right. Getting people to participate in schemes like this is the next problem. Hopefully the environmental impetus of “#lightsout” would capture some public attention.

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