2 thoughts on “Who’s Talking?

  1. It was valuable to me (Student Engagement Officer at The Hunterian), to get a clearer picture of your thinking behind the excellent job you did of recording this event on Twitter. I think you were right in your declaration of your identity while in charge of the account. Your decision to do so has presented a valuable precedent for future opportunities to give temporary control to students or interns. I am encouraged by the value you place on this as a learning experience and I certainly feel that the learning has gone both ways.
    One important benefit of this whole exercise for me has been demonstrating to colleagues the potential benefits of coverage on social media. I feel that you struck a good balance between serious and fun, as discussed above, achieving a style that is acceptable to a range of audiences. In particular, the extra step of producing the storify for the event has provided the event organizers with a well structured and visual summary that was easily circulated to the event participants, many of whom are not Twitter users. Perhaps they will be soon.

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